pao(or)AMC lucknow BASIC Pay less to junior

IBASIC Pay less to junior
BASIC Pay less to junior
BASIC Pay less to junior
BASIC Pay less to junior

I JC 701740N Nb Sub (Clk) Rajesh Gupta Drawn less basic pay to my junior/batch mate for same category. Complaint and observation already sent to PAO (OR)AMC Lucknow but no favourable action taken by them as on date. Request take necessary action and adjust my basic pay equalent to my batch mate.
They drawn basic pay Rs 44900/- as on date but my basic pay is Rs 41100/- only.It is also intimated that I was promoted to MACP Nb Sub on 01Apr 2016 and phisically promoted to 01 SEP 2016. I give option We’d 01 Apr 2016. PAO ( OR) AMC not taken any action as on date as per govt policy influence give option without time bound.Hence you are requested to instructions concern dept to adjust my pay as soon as early.
Thanking you

Yours faithfully fully
Nb Sub Rajesh Gupta
JC 701740 N
419 FD Hosp

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