I have filed an application for the passport on 1st Nov 2017 and paid 2000 INR as fees for the same. I am writing this after elapse of 2 months time as in my case there has been no police verification so far. I went to the local police station where I was told that my passport documents have not been received by them till now. I got to know a few days ago that my passport has been sent to a wrong police station for the verification process. I booked an appointment with the regional passport office, Kolkata where the passport officer straightaway and bluntly rejected my enquiry led application and was quite reluctant to answer my question as well. He even asked me for a bribe of 5000 INR to get the job done which I denied being an honest citizen of India. When I tried to explain him the things further, he called the security to get me out of the room. His gesture was simply acceptable. These things make us rethink about the bureaucratic system we are currently in.

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