Philips India Philips india service centre santacruz

I had given my Philips portable system for repair to the authorised service centre at santacruz on 14august 2018 and the staff was very rude and unprofessional
In addition they made me travel multiple times and charged me 1000 inr for the repair of the cd unit and I had to go collect the same again from them
Within 1 months the system had issues with cd playback again and I had thrown the bill away . However when I called up the centre they were very unhelpful and rude and demanded that I carry the unit back to their centre and they will charge again for it .. I cannot understand how something can get spoiled in 1 months and then the response by the authorised service centre of such a reputable company can be so poor ! They even refused to check their system for my biking details .. I want a refund of the charges and my conveyance auto fare as well as ar replaced working unit to be provided as I am not sure whether they have mishandled my unit !

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