PMEGP Loan Application not accepting bank manager

Dear sir
Iam Rashmi .T My application Id KVKN16176448-1534879 Iam Applied for loan to make Areca Leaf Plate and Cups Eco Products through KVIC in PMEGP Scheme during Last Year 2016-17 . KVIC officially my application will be consider and give a Proposal to start the Small Scale Industries. on that basis i spent money to Constructed Go down, Factory Shed Around 5-6 Lakh. only machinery have to purchase from loan amount.
But now Canara bank manager told me we are not consider your application because your addressed(Established) unit place are not covered under our service area.(Canara Bank. Thungani Branch IFSC CNRB0004437 it is very nearest for Our Residential Places from 9-10 Km From This Branch) and i promised to give a collateral, land records and govt surety otherwise cash deposit but they will not consider, what can i do tell me sir?
So,we dont having any bank nearest our please guide to Canara Bank Management.and consider my proposal.
please guide me what can i do next step? they will not consider my proposal !.
and where ever give a complaint to against bank.

what about my spent money, who will take care about me.

Thanking you sir.


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