Police cyber cell Regarding Fraudly Debit Rs. 6722.48 from by credit card.


It is serious matter regarding debit of my amount Rs. 6722.48 by my credit card for amazon prime membership , As i have not done any subscription regarding amazon prime membership.
but they had deducted my amount from my credit card. I already e-mail to amazon, but we have not received any reply. Therefore, i requesting you take necessary action against this matter.
Debit amount date:- 27-March-2017
Transaction Details:- AmazonPrime Membership
Amount in TXN Currency:- 99.0
Amount in INR:- 6722.48 (Debit fraudly by amazonprime membership)
Attachment of copy of debited amount Rs. 6722.48.
Take necessary action as the earliest and also inform me via mail of by calling mobile no:- +91-9413503756
Name:- Ram Jivan Choudhary
Employee Nuclear power plant, Rawatbhata
Govt. of India.

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