Pre kg/LKG/UKG – being approached by agents for admission Pre kg/LKG/UKG – being approached by agents for admission

Respected Sir/Madam,

Every year during the time of school admission, people (agents) in whatsapp group keep asking us whether we or our relatives/friends need a seat for pre kg/LKG/UKG in any of the schools at chennai. This is happening every year. These people conduct their activity on commission basis. Obtaining a seat just for little children of 3 – 5 years is becoming a business.
Due to such people the very procedure involved in the education system is being diluted. The parents are resorting to such agents to obtain a seat in notable schools at Chennai. Due to this, selection of the children on merit purpose is not happening. People who are ready to spend get into top school.
Moreover, these agents are shameless to even approach any closed whatsapp group and invite people to call on them for such service. One such person number who i have come across is 9952001819 named Asha Satish. She says her husband gets seats for children through some MP.
I kindly request you to take appropriate action on such people who take education as a joke. Kindly help parents like us who want their children to come up on merit basis rather than resorting to bribes.

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