Public Transport Currently few routes are stopped

Currently few routes are stopped
Reintroduces the Private Old bus routes
Currently few routes are stopped
Dear Sir/madam,
I don’t know the unknown reason the list of private bus routes are not played in kolkata and others zilla’s also. This incident happens on last two to three months.The list of private which are not played recently which is written bolow: 1.78C/1:Dakhineswar to Barasat (totally stopped)
2.78E:Dakhineswar to Barasat(original route is Dakhineswar to BangaonVia Sodepur, Madhyamgram) (Totally stopped)Please this routes runs in its old routes.this routes is not a loss routes. 3.MM3:Dakhineswar toDuttapukur(via sodepur, Madhyamgram) (Totally stopped) 4:203:Rajchandrapur to Alipur Court(Totally stopped)(not a loss routes) 5:K3:Rajchandrapur to Kudhghat(Totally stopped)(not a loss routes) 6:K9:Barrackpore to Parkcircus(2 buses are played)(not a loss routes) 7:17A:Howrah to Golfgreen(Totally stopped)(not a loss routes) 8:77:Batanagar to Esplanade(Via Behala)(Totally stopped)(not a loss routes) 9:83A:Babughat to Sanir Mandir(Totally stopped)(not a loss routes) 10:93A:Bagbazar to Kanchantala(Totally stopped)(not a loss routes)
11:46A:Korunamoyee to Esplanade(Written all buses body but this routes is never played)
12:47,47A:Laketown jaya to Dhakuria/Newtown(Written all buses body but this routes is never played)
13:239A:Babughat to Saltlake 12 No Tank(Written all buses body but this routes is never played)
14:30/30E:Shapurji to Dumdum Cantonment Stn/Babughat (totally stopped or never plays this routes)
15:34B/1:Pardunkuni to Esplanade(via Sealdah) No private routes at Bally to Sealdah not yet,K3 also stopped,please reintroduces the routes again.
54/2:Rishra stn To Howrah stn(routes are totally because toto service this routes is linked up the two districts howrah and hooghly,if you notice that no bus routes in Serampore to Ballykhal now private bus routes "3" almost stopped now,3 buses are played in this routes,this is a horrible situation in hooghly district.(not a loss routes) The list of bus routes which are written below:SD:
1:SD24/1:Alipur zoo to Nazat(Still not plays now)
2:SD35:Canning to falta(Still not plays now)
3:SD49:Diamond Harbour to mandirghat(Still not plays now)
4:SD66:Joka to Barodanagar(Still not plays now)
5:SD67:Baruipur to Kaikhali9Still not plays now)
6:SD70;Tematha to Bishalaxmitala(Still not plays now)
7:SD71:Thakurpukur to Kalicharan(Still not plays now)
8:SD72:Baruipur to Noorpur(Still not plays now)
9:SD74:Amtala to kaikhali(Still not plays now)
10:SD75:dakhin barasat to noorpur(Still not plays now)
11:SD77;Joka to mandirbazar(Still not plays now)
12:SD78:Amtala to Hatore(Still not plays now)
13:SD82;satragachi to kakdwip(Still not plays today)
14:SD82:Magrahat to Diamond harbour(still not plays today)
DN1:Ultodanga to to patharghata(still not played now)
DN10:Barrackpore to beliaghata(still not played now)
DN11:Halisahar to Barrackpore(Still not plays now))
DN20:Barasat to Nazat(Still not plays now)
So sir/madam please start again all the routes which is done by very positive approach for transportation in all office passengers. Thanking You,
Suparno Chatterjee

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