Public tv Kannada news channel k s jayaram and his wife who are a headache in our layout

Hello Public tv team,

I am staying in BCC layout 6h main near chandra layout water tank bangalore 40, In our area this ks jayram is constructing his house in no 324 , which is totally unathorised with full deviations. he has not left any setback on either of the sides.Due to the unauthoriszed construction with deviation by k s jayaram, the light and ventilation will be fully blocked. we the neightbours have already given complaint to the area corporator, BBMP WARD NO.132 OFFICE ATTIGUPPE, To chief engineer jayangar blr south , commissioneer and then in turn they diverted the complaint to the concerned authourities to help us but nothing has worked still and complaint was placed on 3 jan and already 21 days r over still a notice has not been issued against him on 24th some authorities came and stopped his work and warned him not to continue the work … but the next day early morning from 6.30 he started the work .we complained the BBMP authourities they informed us he is very influenctial polit!
ical elemnt so they cannot stop the work.. when we approched him and told to leave the setback for air and light … he and his wife started using abusvie languages against us … his wife boosts herself as a cororepati and a daughter of former zp panchayat member by name Papegowda in krpet taluk … that she and her husband r politically and economically very infulenctial and nobody can do anything to them … as the work is still going on without any hinderance … we the neighbours will be totally deprived of light and air. so i kindly request you people to make report and publish in channel. At least that time BBMP will may respond to our greviance. Please do the needful as soon as possible because once the construcion is completed we cannot do anything.

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