PVR silver arc Ludhiana Lost product

Today I went to watch a movie in the morning and i had a blue color umbrella with black dots, with me. At the ticket n checking counter, a lady told me that i can not carry it with me in the theatre so she took that and placed it with her alongside cupboard thing. After the movie got over, i was in rush and i forgot to take my umbrella from front door. Yes, i know I forgot. And since I travelled from another city, obviously I couldn’t come back in time to ask about it so i called my friend up to go and ask for it. And bcz the checking lady also had my name on sticker and stuff, so that wouldn’t have been a problem. But when my friend asked, they said they don’t have it there. My friend found my name chit but not my umbrella and then she also asked in lost and found department but they also gave the same reason and told her that it was my mistake and for the matter of fact, I do agree it’s my negligence at first but what are they doing here? What are their!
role in that job? Come on I mean, it’s not like umbrella comes in free. We do pay for that as well. What are these employees doing there at the name of customer service? I mean why don’t they think their part of negligence in that? Just for a second think that if I DIDN’T COME THERE THEN WHO TOOK IT? AND IF SOMEONE ELSE TOOK IT, THEN WHAT WERE THEY DOING THERE WITH ALL THE SECURITY AND STUFF? Why was my name chit there and not my umbrella? Please do the needful and kindly do something about it.

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