QNET Complaint for refund

IR name- Ramananda I
IR ID- IN645780

One of my friend invited me to invest the amount of 2.5 lack to Qnet business, he didn’t gave me proper information about the business. When i got to know its all about referral, i asked him and his seniors to cancel my membership within 30days but they lied with me stating that there is no cancellation policy. I asked multiple times but they didn’t listen. Later on i got know that there is a policy were i can cancel my membership and i can het the refund. So i have sent a mail to Qnet team and i got an reply stating that it’s been more than 30days. Again i replied with proof. Whatever the chat i had with the seniors regarding cancellation request i have sent all the screenshot and call record. When i have shared all the proof with them they took more than 5months to reply. Whenever i reminded, they used to reply back stating that request is forwarded to the relevant team. After few month after replying multiple times they said refund is not possible, even th!
ough i have sent all the proof were it says i have requested for the refund on time but seniors and who invited me they misguided and cheated me. They took documents from me and logged into my id without my knowledge and they them self uodated all KYC details. Everything pin to pin proof i shared with the Qnet team but still refused to refund my money back.

Already i left from that platform and i am requesting for the refund kindly do needful asap.

My details :
Ramananda i
[email protected]

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