Raja jha Black money

Hello sir
Sir there is a contractor named Rajkumar jaiswal from ausanganj jaitpura Varanasi (221001)
Sir he is currently now running the canteen and stalls at almost every upsrtc bus stand sir 5 yrs ago he used to work for a wages of 250/day at my father’s shop now he has canteen and stalls at around 8-10 district in u.p. with a hotel in Lucknow and too much land and property in Varanasi
Sir he show he’s money as a white money by the income from the stalls but sir how does it possible let me u tell u that he is taking all the contract on very high prices let’s say if for a shop monthly rent would be 10 thousands enough he is taking the contract of that shop in 2 lakhs a month
Sir he’s running the canteen at Lucknow charbhaag bus stand on a monthly pay of rupees 6 lakhs apart from other expenses and staff salary Sir he himself do nothing
He has two gunner with him
He’s undertaking all the shops of bustands in u.p. and making so many people unemployed Sir if someone see his main house where his family stays at ausanganj VARANASI
It’s look like a palace and sir 8 years ago his mother used to sell eggs on a thela at that land
Whole society and neighbours of him are surprised and shocked but no one has that much of guts to complain against him because he has a lots of money and have contact with some famous mafia’s of u.p.

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