Rajkot city police e memo Ememo sent by Police Commissioner, Re ajkot

Date 31.12.2019
Place of Violation RJT RMC PTZ 1
Vehicle model Grand i10
CHALLAN No RAJ00000-20010106902

I have received memo from Rajkot Police Commissioner for vlRs 1000 on the ground that I have violated declared one way at the location RJT RMC PTZ 1 on 31.12.2019. The photograph of my Car shows a road seems like lonely place where some scooters are parked. I don’t know this place nor proper address is given in this memo.
Infact, I am Senior Citizen and Central Government pensioner. I always follow all traffic rules and never violated any rules knowingly. This is my first Ememo. As regards this violation, I don’t know this place and it is possible that the violation could have been done unknowingly.

I request to drop this memo as this is my first mistake occurred unknowingly. Thanks. Rajnikant Ahya

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