Rapido Rude and greedy drivers

All the rapido drivers near ienergizer sector 60, Noida during 2:30AM at night. All of them charge extra, at least rs20 . I usually give that to them and they would take me offline however today thy asked for rs 50 more and that just pissed me. Its my job and I cannot pay this much everyday. When I opposed the extra fare one of the captains there started shouting and saying stuff like we are not forcing you to ride with us, and you go however you want. I want every rider there removed asap or just put out of work accept for one . there was this one guy who never asked me even a rupee more, his name was Ramsupal tripathi. Apart from him I want every rider there punished. I have literally paid 1000s more in total than what it was supposed to be. Cannot pay anymore. In the beginning I used to complain but now it just seems worthless. I just booked a UBER car and it was only 20 rs more than the bike. A booked car

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