Ratnakar Pradhan and Jagabandhu Panda Fraud on Land Sale

I Mr. Dipti Prakash Lenka, purchased a piece of land from Mr. Ratnakar Pradhan and builder Jagabandhu Pradhan, khata no. 173 and plot n. 1174, area 6000 sq. ft, dated 17.2.2010 by observing all the legal formalities before registration. But, after registration and getting the Patta, I came to know that the land is already occupied by govt. Hence, Ratnakar Pradhan intentionally sold the same land which was already purchased by govt. And Jagabandhu Panda who was the builder was involved in this fraud land sale. We have already registered a FIR on both the parties. Also, for both the parties, high court case has been appealed at Bhubaneswar.
Unfortunately, Police arrested only Ratnakar Pradhan but not able to arrest Jagabandhu Panda as he is absconding since May month 2018. However, Mr. Panda is freely roaming till date and no strict action has been taken place so far even after repeatedly given information to police.
Hon. ADJM court has given an interim bail to Ratnakar Pradhan with the condition that to return the money back by 09/11/2018 but he didn’t followed the order of Hon. ADJM Court. Now a warrant has been issued on his name. But police is not taking any action with regular follow ups.
Below are the details:

FIR – 398/2017 DT -22/12/2017 (420 and 120B criminal case)
Police station – Airfield PS – 89 (Bhubaneswar)

Mr. Jagabandhu Panda and Mr Ratnakar Pradhan ->
Case No. – CT/5691/17 (Hon. ADJM court Bhubaneswar)
Anticipatory Bail No. – ABLAPL /0010969/2018 by Mr. Jagabandhu Panda (High Court) Mr. Ratnakar Pradhan ->
Case No. – 944/2018 Date – 12-07-2018 (District and Session Court, Khurda, BBSR)
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