Regarding road conditions of my locality size of the road

I stay in kalyan(east) near hanuman nagar,i m very much depressed with the current status of kalyan east i stay here since from last 10 years and the condition is not improved a bit also. In past several years i heard many things like the roads will be made broad n the condition will improve but nothing happenedand rather than doing anything people are just moving to west since dat is far more better and consider east as a garbage.the condition of the roads are so worst that sometimes 2 vehicles cannot pass at the same time it is so short and the spped breakers are so high some cars cannot even pass from it without banging no signals are there its almost like rural and the city is called as smart city there are no chowks i wonder what local politians do. its like nobody gives a damn shit about it. By doing this complaint i guess m being heard atleast.
please kindly come and take a look in some areas like kolshewadi,chinchpada,hanuman nagar ,kailashnagar.
thanking you!
honest resident

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