Religare Health Insurance Rejection of claim settlement

I am holding religare policy for me , my wife and kid , and this is my 2nd year of policy year. 2 days back my wife was admitted in hospital sue to sudden onset of repeated vomiting and loose motions and she was not able to eat anything and was severe dehydration fir which the doctor advised urgent hospitalisation . She was treeated at hospital with injectavle antibiotics and saline injections.she had loose motion for about 50 times in one day and was so weak that she was not able to walk . Still they did not consider her coverage under health insurance just saying that she didnt want admiaaion.i have send her letter from the treating doctor and also the hospital authority regarding her condition still they just said no.watis tge use of taking health policy than.please help me . My e mail id is [email protected] and my phone number is 8638165152

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