Renault faulty car given and servicing not provided

I have given my car for servicing multiple times with one specific complaint about the gear-shifting in the first gear. Every time it has been taken from me, kept for a longer time than promised and the problem not fixed at all. The problem that the gear gets stuck sometimes while shifting is a life risk on the road as I have faced multiple times. I have also raised complaint on the website before without getting any response on that. The service centre is absolutely unresponsive as I have asked them to bring this conversation over email multiple times. They even went on to deny the existence of the problem in some situations till I had to call a technician to prove this issue. They keep the car with them and provide me no alternate at the time or financial reimbursement for transport I have to make. Along with that they always promise to return it within a specified time and always fail to do that creating multiple other problems for me. On my last visit to the service cent!
re, I had recorded a conversation with one of the managers with his permission of course where he assured me that he would bring this up over email where I could track what was going on as I have taken the car to the same service centre on at least 5 to 6 different occasions now without any resolution to the problem. I have bought a product from renault for my daily use and using it now is causing me a life hazard.

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