Renault India Car stops all of a sudden


My Renault Kwid stops suddenly and it happened at least 5+ times in just last 2-3 months. It gives an alert of Electric issue and without any intervention it starts normally after an hour or so.
This is completely unacceptable for a company of such repute. Without knowing anything about this car, we bought it for the name of Renault and keeping their European quality in mind.
In addition, the car’s advertised mileage is a big joke. We are lucky if we get 50% of quoted mileage.
Car is driven by my wife for the most part to get my kids to different places. They are scared to go any where on this as it’s so unpredictable. Twice they called break down service when it stopped in middle of traffic and by the time they turn up car starts again.
I hope Renault helps me with this problem as the service center has no clue on what to do with this issue.

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