Renault kwid Multiple problems

1. Since few months especially in heavy traffic with AC ON in the first & second gears the engine doesn’t respond & the vehicle doesn’t move even we press the accelerator, this is really frustrating and irritates me as the vehicle doesn’t move, this is not only causing inconvenience to me but to other people who are behind my vehicle also gets struck in the traffic along with me, this is really an embarrassing situation which I can’t even explain you.

2. Steering lock works very rarely….

3. Now recently a new type of problem has started which I have never heard or experienced before. If it rains, the rain water seeps into the car. Not just few drops but almost a bucket. Due to this some important papers were spoiled & that affected my business. But what irritated me most was the attitude of the service wing which is on the Mysore road. When I complained about the seepage problem, the first question I faced was “sir do you park your car outside?” What to do, I could not take the car inside my house. After the complaint that problem was rectified.

I dont have video of first problem…that is the mistake I have done…in coming i will take the video…and I have video support of steering problem…and water is still there in my car…My car num is OD14K 1107 ph num 8895764502

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