Resonance Coaching Non Refund of Fee

I got admitted my son for the XI and XII standard and IIT JEE coaching in Resonance Eduventure Private Limited at the study center in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat for the academic year 2017-18 and 2018-19 for the batches VIPUL and VIJETA respectively
1. I payed the amount of Rs 77900 on 10th June 2017 via Bank of India Cheque No.959675, Gandhinagar Ahmedabad Branch Dated 10-June-2017 as first installment and the amount of Rs. 32450/ via Bank of India Cheque No.114679, Gandhinagar Ahmedabad Branch Dated 9th August 2017 as second installment of class XI VIPUL Batch.
2. Soon after I was asked to pay early bird payment for the the VIJETA Batch for class XII in advance in the month of sept- oct 17. I again deposited the amount of Rs 30000/ as early as 31st October 2017 via Bank of India Cheque No.114683, Gandhinagar Ahmedabad Branch Dated 31st October 2017 as first installment of class XII Batch though it was to start from July 2018.
3. The real ordeal started after that. There were already some issues regarding the quality of teaching and frequent change in the teachers for each subject. Then they started creating pressures for completing the assigned work which was given at a very advanced level without completing the teaching of the basic level. Further my son was being punished and mentally harassed for not completing the HW. He was also asked to stand in the class or out of the class during the teaching hours for asking questions in order to clear his doubts.
4. Due to these reasons my son at first started asking himself absent from the classes and soon after refused to go to the classes because of the frequent harassment and lack of quality teaching. He stopped going to the coaching around December 2017 which was only midway of the completion of second session (which was to be completed around May 2018).
5. I requested the Resonance Study center to refund the fees on the pro rata basis for class XI and all the advance fees of 30,000/ for class XII. Initially they persuaded me to continue the coaching and counselled my so several times but the attempts were unsuccessful and he stopped going to the center. They also started sending SMSs again to show that my child is absent in the class though I had already filed for the refund and taken back the admission
6. They agreed to refund the advanced amount of 30000/ for class XII and refused the refund for pro rata amount for class XI. Tired of repeated perusal I filed for the refund of Rs. 30000/ around March 2018 in the refund form given to me by the study center along with necessary documents of receipts and cancelled Cheque. I was told that my money will be credited in my account in 15 days. After hundreds of requests and phone calls as a follow up I was told that no money can be refunded somewhere in June 2018. It is almost a year now.
7. I also wish to mention that lots of student left resonance midway due to these reasons.
8. I request you to kindly arrange for the refund total amount of Rs. 30,000/ of class XII and partial refund for class XI along with the interest incurred on the money for about a year. Hoping to get my complaint redressed soon.
Dr. Divya Sharma
Mo 9426726046

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