ROYALOAK furniture Its a Fraud Company

I had ordered a TV Unit on 31/05/2017 not knowing the ordeal. Delivery was scheduled in 2-3 weeks but the Customer Support kept on stretching it giving different schedules until one day I was told that there was a fraud in the Company in Online Business Division & their intent was to keep the branding of "Royal Oak" intact. May I remind you that order once placed cannot be canceled or returned! After 40 long days of waiting, writing several e-mails (most not responded to) and several calls they agreed to make a refund not knowing where my order was. Guess what, I get the product the next day.
I was then assured that the product will be assembled in 2-3 days but the bulky package occupied a large room space for 10 days after which they told me that their assembly service is not available in Mumbai & I will have to do it myself for which they will refund Rs.500/-. They had also promised to refund Rs.500/- for delayed delivery none of which happened which I really don’t care about. It was my life’s worst decision to buy from them and God alone knows how much I have suffered.
Take my advice – don’t buy from them unless you are allergic to peace!
PS: TV Unit also had some deep scratches but I didn’t have a choice but to keep it.

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