RPS Infrastructure Limited Issuing Possession Certificate without Completing the Possession Procedure

Dear Sir

This has reference to mail dated 08.03.2017 by which scan copy of possession certificate dated (???) received(Copy enclosed). Enclosed possession certificate stated that I received the physical possession of residential unit, duly perfect / complete in all respect, bearing Unit No. D-55 FF, Street No. 11, RPS Palms, RPS City, Sector – 88, Greater Faridabad.
The contents of the referred possession certificate are not true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge and belief.
Issue of referred possession certificate by RPS Infrastructure Limited, without completing the possession procedure as mentioned Annexure – 1 of Offer of Possession Letter dated 17.12.2016 (Copy enclosed), is main cause and responsible for mental and physical harassment. As mentioned, process of registration & execution of conveyance deed are still pending from RPS side to complete possession procedure. They are forcing me to hand over the key without completing the process of registration & execution of conveyance deed.
Please refer Annexure-B (Part-B) of the Offer of Possession Letter dated 17.12.2016. As per referred Annexure following may please be noted 1. Stamp duty chargeable value = Rs 34,00000/-
2. Stamp Duty Charges @ 8 % = Rs. 272000/-
3. Administrative Charges (Rs. 20,000/- + Rs 3000/- Service Tax) Total amount to was be paid = Rs. 2, 95,000/-

As per demand, amount Rs. 2,95,000/- paid by us vide cheque no. 307073 dated 17.12.2016 to RPS Infrastructure Limited. As per Bank Statement, amount Rs. 2,95,000/- has been transferred in the account of RPS Infrastructure Limited.
Now, I would like to bring your kind notice that RPS Group provided the receipt no. 54732 dated 17.12.2016 for an amount of Rs. 23,000/- only. Receipt of an amount Rs. 2,72,000/- is to be provided and is pending from RPS side. Requested RPS Group to provide the same at the earliest.
As mentioned, more than six month back, total amount Rs 2,95,000/- (Rs. 2,72,000/- for stamp duty charges + Rs. 23,000/- for administrative charges) paid by us to you to complete the process of registration & execution of conveyance deed.
Now, please refer the Annexure-A of the Offer of the Possession letter dated 17.12.2017. In the light of above & annexure-A of the referred letter, kindly note that
(I.) Seeking appointment at state office for unit inspection &
(II.) Seeking appointment at corporate office for singing of conveyance deed
Both (I.) & (II.) are parallel activities. Accordingly, I visited the site along with Estate Officer of RPS Group (Mr. Ashish) for unit inspection on 14.05.2017.
Now, I requested RPS Group to kindly take the necessary steps to complete the signing of conveyance deed and also process of registration & execution of conveyance deed at the earliest (which is still pending from your side since December 2016) and hand over keys of the Flat No D-55-FF of RPS Palms without any further delay.
Also please refer the mail of RPS Group dated 05 May 2017 which stated that
* All your observations related to standard design/ features of unit will be taken care of and you will be called for final inspection shortly.
** As regard registration of conveyance deed, you will be called within a week’s time for further process. ​
As per commitment of RPS Group, I visited site for inspection on 14.05.2017 but so far I did not receive any call from RPS side side for registration of conveyance deed.
I requested RPS Group to clarify on the following issues
# Is there any court case/non-compliance/ land dispute or any other dispute exist (pertaining to referred unit i.e. Flat No D-55-FF of RPS Palms) due to which you are not in position to start & complete the process of registration & execution of conveyance deed?
Despite of 33 numbers of reminders (Copy enclosed herewith for your reference) response is still awaited from RPS Group side.
Thanking you.

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