RTA Uppal, Hyderabad Driving License not received yet

Sir, I applied for a duplicate driving license online for my two wheeler as the original license was worn out. The pink application number TS############L I personally visited the RTO at Uppal to surrender my original license and take photograph and signature on 30/06/2018. I was told that I will receive my DL by two weeks. I patiently waited for one month and wrote a grievance letter to RTO Uppal with grievance reference number 180726002 for which I did not get any response. The second month I again wrote a grievance letter with grievance reference number 180824008. The third month I called up the RTO to find my status, but they said that my photograph and signature had vanished from their systems and I need to again visit the RTO for photograph and signature. I visited the RTO again in the month of October and gave a fresh photograph and Signature. I was told that I will receive my DL within 15 days but the date has lapsed. I had to again send a grievance complaint to RT!
O office Uppal with grievance number 181026008, , but till date I haven’t received my DL. I therefore request you to kindly look into the above concern and do the needful.

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