RTO KARNATAKA heavy corruption and illegal activities

Sadashiva Rayappa Maralingannavar.
Vivekand Nagar , Gokak-591307.

His legal adviser for all his illegal acts ;Advocate Chandargi. in Gokak.

Motor Vehicle inpector in Jamakandi Dist;Bijapur.

This person earlier employed in Govt.ITI Ramadurg as a instructor. With the intention to earn more money given Rs.30 Lac as a bibe to Mr.Manjegouda RTO Dept. in Bengalore. Got internal department transfer to RTO department and started duty without training , Than doing corruption like anything that is standing on road and stopping all vehicles illegally and collecting money. Like this he earned more than 100 crores from 2010 to till date. He amassed following..
1) Two Houses worth Rs. 6 Crore in Gokak in the name of sister and uncle.
2) Apartment in Belgaum Rs.10 crore in Belgaum in the name of his wife. (earlier in the name of relative ) 3) Land in Kullur his native place worth Rs.1 crore in the name of sister. 4) Land Jamakhandi Rs.10 crore in relatives name.
5) Gold 10 Kg.
6) 3 cars costly Rs.0.5 crore.
7) 1 driver for him and 1 driver for his wife.1 driver for children. 8) Shiva finance in Belgaum. Rs. May be more than crores.
9) Private interest Rs.5 crores in villages local Rate of interest 36%. 10) Few sites in Bengalore in crores.
Earlier he was in village and doing up and down while in ITI . We all given him around 44 acres of land under him for taking in this maximum he may save Rs.2 Crores only. His daily practice and corruption is more than Rs.5 Lac per day.
He was keeping his brother in law Nagaraj Patil for collection of private interest business. We don’t know what went wrong in between them and Nagaraj was killed by this Vehicle inspector. He is putting this blame on others and doing torture to us. I have his phone call records may be checked for odd talks & threats.
Original he is from village kullur his family was undivided and all seniors were strong enough to work in land and maintained nicely and they had 48 acres of land.
Due to his bad acts seniors nominated all properties on all persons present in house. He was staying with them and taking care of his job only. But taken all income for around 25 years in that all land income. Due to his cunning habit did not give account of income and expenses.
This man is put out side the village from the year 2018. He taken income the joint property and made properties on all his close relatives.
Due to his job familiarity in all departments all are co operating and giving support to him. Now a days his way of acts are very bad and non bearable to all.
His legal adviser is Chandargi in Gokak. This advocates mis guides him for heavy fees and all his illegal acts are controlled by advocate Chandargi. This advocate is responsible for growing this type of criminals. So this advocate to be barred from the present judiciary system of justice for normal people in this democratic country. Note ;If Govt is not getting any records. I can share his records.

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