S.G. Mandpe Menace due to stray dogs

There are more than 8 stray dogs on our premises and they are continuously barking all day and night and roaming here and there.
Few accidents recently took place in our locality due to these dogs resulting into heavy injuries to the residents. Another reason is that they may bite children playing in the locality and also the old-aged people are also frightened due to these dogs. There is a state of fear among the citizens of our society.
Due to their barking in the night hours we people are unable to sleep and many of the people residing int he locality are falling prey to diseases like blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.
After repeated complaints to the Municipal Authorities, none of them has visited at our place and looked into our problem. I request you to please take our problem seriously and get us rid of the same.
Please do take away all the stray dogs from our locality and take them to a safe shelter.
Additionally, I would like to mention the problem of Municipal Solid Waste dumped by the nearby residents in vacant plot situated in our vicinity.


Ashootosh Mandpe
NIT Plot No.9,
Linne No.3, Nagsen Nagar,
Bhim Chowk, Nara Road,
Nagpur-440 014

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