Samsung faulty phone of 68000 and no service

I wish to bring to your kind attention to the complaint filed by me with “National Consumer forum” against Samsung India for their inability to rectify the problem of “Overheating” and “Battery discharge” for normal usage (despite repeated services by Samsung service centre).
Mobile Serivce Head
20th to 24th Floor, Two Horizon Centre,
Golf Course Road, Sector-43, DLF PH-V, Harizan Colony,
Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122202

I purchased brand new Samsung Galaxy note8 handset for Rs. 68,000/- in EMI Scheme on September 24, 2017. I started noticing after few months (June 2018) battery discharge very fast with this handset. i.e. if I charge my handset to 100% in morning and use it for 1.5 hrs for normal phone and what’s app usage, the battery use to discharge fully by afternoon and I am forced to put my phone again for charging. Samsung claim for this handset battery backup is having 22 hours of battery backup for normal uses.
In June, 2018 I took this mobile to “Samsung Authorized service centre – R Logic Technology services pvt. Ltd, Show room no1, ground floor, Pride, Bangalore -560027 (Tel: 080-43560904/08043560903)”, with above problem. On receiving my complaint, they kept my phone ideally for 3 days and when I called them they just replaced my phone with a new battery and did not bother to check the status of my complaint personally to test back whether problem is shorted out. They assured me that phone now has battery backup which should work for a day for normal usage. On this oral assurance I took my phone back. Also would like to inform you when we submit phone to service centre we get Acknowledgement of service request copy. Service centre did not provide customer copy back with anything. So that shows customer will not have any black and white record. My complaint was closed it at their end (without giving me any document) when I asked for service copy they said it company p! olicy we do not provide any copy of complaint.
On their assurance, I started using this phone but I continue to face the same problem of battery discharge and I re-approached Samsung service station with my Second complaint on same problem during August, 2018.
I literally sit with them and showed the Service centre personnel how battery is getting discharged in my handset. They agreed and took the handset for observation. After keeping it for observation they identified the issue of battery discharge was due to “Software” and they upgraded the software and returned the handset to me for usage. This time too they assured me that the problem is rectified and I will now get at least a day’s battery backup. Trusting this I took my phone back and started using it.
On using my mobile after first service, “Battery problem” was persisting and it drains within 1 to 1.5 hrs. of normal usage. I could not use my phone for more than 1.5hrs. for normal usage. Also I started getting new problem when phone keep for charging it is getting overheating some time. It was beyond the normal heating, as could not keep my phone near ears due to overheating.
For third time I approached “Samsung service” station on 24th August, 2018 and informed “Samsung service centre” of new problem. They did not turned to pick the handset for about 10 days then I again call their customer care and phone was picked up for service from my residence on 9th September, 2018. Also the Engineer who picked my handset personally confirmed that your handset is overheating do not use this handset and give it to Service centre as it may have other impact on phone’s stability. The phone was given to “Service centre” for third time with same problem after assurance given by Samsung service engineer “everything is fine” consecutively for every service as of that date.
On taking my phone, they deliberately kept my phone without servicing it for weeks. After my follow up they started making excuses like they do not have proper tools to test for heating. It will take some time to resolve. When I followed up after week they were ready with another excuse stating they are waiting Engineer to come from Head office to test this phone. I again waited for their response. Finally in the month of October 1st week they called me by stating that we tested this phone by playing games, browsing internet etc. This phone has high resolution phone so you will get less battery backup and it was heat some time. I should take back this handset as they did not found problem stated by me.
I asked them how much battery backup they are getting and status on battery heating. Till date they are responding by stating “IT IS A COMPANY POLICY THEY CAN NOT DISCLOSE NOR GURANTEE BACKUP PROBLEM IS RESOLVED” and I must take the phone back.
I have approached Samsun service centre, brought this issue to their Delhi Head office and escalated to their CEO (of Samsung) Mr. S. C. Hong and followed up with their Consumer complaint portal of Samsung to get resolution with no solution to my problem. Samsung consumer portal straight away closed my complaint without looking into it. In order to dispose my complaints they have never responded what is the current backup time or heating problem resolution till date. Their customer care is now giving me in writing that my Phone warranty is over so they will not REPLACE it or REFUND THE Cost to me.
They are not able to solve Battery problem (after repeated complaints) nor are providing evidences that my reported problem is solved and will not reoccur again. Instead their representatives respond that my warranty period is over and they will not rectify nor refund any money to above faulty handset.
This has caused me unavoidable inconvenience, mental harassment and cut off me with my acquaintances which has put me to financial loss but management of Samsung is totally indifferent and unconcerned to my harassment and mental torture. I therefore pray that the company may be ordered to REFUND MY MONEY OF the mobile set and pay Rs. 25000/- for inconvenience and harassment caused to me.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Soni Rastogi

1. Follow up with Samsung customer care website for problems faced by Faulty handset
2. Email communications / reminders sent to Samsung offices, CEO for above problem

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