Samsung Faulty S8+

Hi, I had bought the best phone launched by your company in 2017. The phone worked fine till sometime and then started creating following problems –
1. The images do net get stored / reflect in the Gallery after photograph has been clicked – this happens for 50% of the time.
2. Need to close all app’s 3 times before the photos can be taken again and they get stored / reflect in the Gallery.
3. While accessing Gallery, the phone exits / jumps the gallery and comes back to the home screen.
I have visited the Samsung service center (Vasavi Communications, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064) twice and they did the following –
1. Load the software again on 19th Sept 2018 but no improvement. 2. Visited center again on 6th Oct 2018 – (Bill no – 4270141248)
a. Moved the phone to Safe mode to see if any improvements, but no improvements. b. Tried to run the diagnostics but did not find any issue in it.
Since the 12 month period of buying is approaching soon, I would want you to record this case so that it does not create any issues of out of warranty period.
I have spent hefty amount on this phone when I moved out of my Apple i6 and would expect it to work seamlessly for at least 2 years. Therefore, I seek immediate replacement of this set.
Please feel free to write to me on this address or call me on the below no . in case I do not hear from you in a couple of days, I will be writing to the India CEO – Mr. HC Hong.

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