Samsung Inefficient service and breaking of refrigerator

Recently, around 12-July evening (IST timelines), I thought my refrigerator (Samsung Refrigerator Model number RS552NRUA7E/TL & Serial Number 0CZ94ABH300124B) was not cooling efficiently as earlier. I didn’t want to get into any further issues and hence I raised a request on 13-July. The reference number was 4264547524. I was at work when I got a call from a technician who I told to come later in the day because I wasn’t at home. He didn’t mention anything but disconnected the call. I didn’t hear from Samsung again and since I was busy and the fridge working fine, I didn’t pursue Samsung. Around 31-July, I once again saw a degree in cooling or I thought there was a decrease and hence began following up on my complaint/service request. Apparently, it was closed mentioning that the customer had cancelled the service. This was totally false. After numerous follow ups, I contacted the multiple folks, right from email to CEO’s desk, chat service, and the designate!
d service centre. After a lot of hassles and coaxing, I had one Mr. Basha visit our residence. He pulled apart the duct (I am not sure on the term) and said there is ice formation in the small gap and hence we have to switch of the refrigerator for 24 hours. He mentioned that he would visit our residence on 2-Aug. He came on 2-Aug and said its not the fan but a sensor which could be damaged and that it was in another part of Bangalore and would be available on late in the evening and hence he would come on 3-Aug morning. However, he didn’t turn up. Neither was he answering our calls. Finally late in the evening, he answered our call and said someone else was supposed to come since he is on leave. The cycle of follow ups followed from our end. After a lot of drama, another technician, Mr. Thyagrajan came and mentioned that he is not aware of anything but has been asked to replace the sensor. The refrigerator was working but was making a lot of noise. When we called him aga! in, he said he was away due to a death in the family and would!
come after a few days. By then the refrigerator had stopped working. So we insisted on a senior technician visiting us. Finally we had Mr. Laxman visit us. He came in and was flabbergasted over how the earlier technicians had messed up the fridge. He explained everything to us and infact trained the earlier technician too. Apparently the earlier technician had recommended a wrong sensor, while the second technician didn’t know what was to be done and had fixed it completely wrong. Mr. Laxman told us that he would order the correct sensor and also replace the duct that was damaged by the first technician. He also told us that the fridge would work perfectly for around 3-4 days and will slowly stop working. It happened exactly the same. He had asked us to call him after 3 days for the status. When we called him after 3 days, he realized that the service centre had not ordered for the sensor because the day we had told them that the fridge is working for time being. Now the!
y are making us run from pillar to post and coming up with a lot of stories on how the part is damaged. This is completely crazy. I was told to speak to Mr.Ramesh who is the ASM. He was ofcourse too busy to attend to our call. Not to forget that there are these auto generated messages that come once in a while and sometimes the customer support team (due to my constant emails) calls and asks us to repeat the entire story. As of today, 4-Sept, I am clueless on what they plan to do. False promises of calling back, giving ETA and what not is never completed.

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