Samsung Inverter AC Samsung inverter AC using repairable part Complain No. 4240714892

I bought a Samsung inverter AC on 7 Nov-2015 after 1 year and 8 month I complain Samsung service station Ac not cooling and Led continue blinking problem. After 2 days engineer visited the side and checked the AC he is not found problem and he said you have to reached outer unit in our office for problem found. so here i get the charge for gas. And after few hours he said me AC Circuit PCB need to change i agreed all things. After few days i got the call from Samsung service station your AC is completed so they told me please carry your outer unit, Again i agreed so far all things. And when engineer come for installation and when engineer start AC then i got same problem (not cooling and Led continue blinking problem) Engineer open the outer unit and i am shock Circuit PCB installed is old. Here i am not expecting this kind of service from Samsung service Station. They are using Reparable parts.
My Concern is this if Company policy says that any part goes faulty it would be replace not be repair, so why Samsung engineer using Repairable Part, why he not replace new part.

Now I don’t know what should I do and where I have to go. Please Help me to resolve my Issue, because I frustrated with the support of Samsung.

Kapil Gohel
Ph : 9898267006
Complain No. 4240714892

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