Samsung Plasma TV Defected TV

I bought a Plasma TV(52") of Samsung in 2014 in Rs. 60000/-. I don’t know how but now after three years, I notice some vertical and horizontal black lines on my TV screen, so I do complaint to the toll free customer care number and they told me that we have to send a engineer to check your TV and also tell me his visit charges which is 1180/- with tax. The engineer came and after looking at the TV he told me that it’s panel is not working and you have to change it because Samsung not doing any repair of parts. I thought it would be a little part under Rs. 1000/- to 5000/- but when he told that it’s cost will be Rs. 30000/- to 35000/-, I was shocked to hear that because I didn’t expect this, this is 60% of my TV’s cost. I told him that I am doing job in a company and I bought this TV for my family because I want a big TV for my home but didn’t know that this company is using defected parts in manufacturing of products to cut their sellin!
g cost and when the customer is trapped they demand higher replacement cost of parts.
I am suggesting to all my brother and sisters that please don’t buy any Samsung product.
Victim of Samsung
Firoz Choudhary

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