Samsung Refrigerator BROKEN DOOR HINGE

I purchased the 496 Litre Samsung 2 Door Frost Free Refrigerator (Model No. RT50H5809SL/2014; Serial No.; 0BDW4ADF100179P) from Reliance Digital on April 1st 2014 for Rs 60,000/-. A few days ago, I noticed a small white plastic piece lying under the door of the fridge. On examining it closely I determined that the shape of it corresponded with the shape of the metal hinge on the lower part part of the door. Fearing that the missing broken piece might affect the alignment of the door and might cause it to sag, I called Samsung Customer Support and they promptly sent a technician to look into the issue. The technician after confirming that the plastic piece had broken off from the metal hinge informed us that the entire door has to be replaced as the hinge and door are moulded as one piece. He gave us an estimate of Rs 7000/- for replacing the door. We are retired senior citizens and bought the fridge in good faith, under the impression that Samsung is a reputed brand and know!
n for good quality products. However, I regret to inform you despite our utmost care, the product has shown itself to be extraordinarily frail, disintegrating on its own. Moreover, it is shocking and quite unacceptable to be told that the broken part cannot be changed and instead the entire door has to be replaced!!
My further attempts to contact Samsung were unsuccessful, as I was repeatedly redirected to their outsourced agency. The agency conveyed their helplessness in sorting out the matter. Meanwhile, Samsung summarily dismissed my concerns and closed my complaint.

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