Sanskriti Enterprises Non-activation of FastTag

1. I had purchased FastTag at Bhagan Toll Plaza located at NH-1 in Murthal on 23.11.2019 from Sanskriti Enterprises after making payment of Rs. 500 to representative of the firm. However, despite following up telephonically innumerable times with the firm, the FastTag has still not been activated.

2. Further, the firm has removed its FastTag selling booth from the Toll Plaza after 1st December, 2019 and their phone numbers have been switched off (pic of banner of the firm along with their phone numbers is attached herewith).

3. It’s a clear case of fraud committed by Sanskriti Enterprises, which has been undertaken in connivance with the Toll Plaza Officials.

4. This needs to be investigated on priority basis as lot of gullible customers can be fleeced by this Company, if not stopped.

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