SANTHOSH KUMAR S P Backdoor fraudster

HI job seekers,
If you need job pl work hard and get please don’t go in wrong way like backdoor process because there are many fraudster like SANTHOSH KUMAR S P (+91-9480005527/9845231667 [email protected]), Who will take money in the name of god and at last they will run away with money, pl don’t believe this bastard. If you need job pl work hard and get the job don’t go in wrong way.

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  1. Santhosh 98452 31667 Big cheater
    Mr . Santhosh (phone no : 9845231667 , email id : [email protected]) is big fraud , he will take your money and he will cheat you , please don’t go behind him and waste your time … work hard and get place in some companies ….. so be careful guys

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