Save street dogs Save street dogs being pushed from 4th floor and brutally beaten

Hi Team,

Please help the street dogs being brutally beaten and thrown from the 4th floor of an apartment. I have been telling the apartment resides to close the gates while the go and come but they don’t do. The street dogs, for the hot sun, tend to sleep beneath the cars parked in the apartment. There are few more apartments in the same lane but the dog doesn’t go because the gates will be closed. Even after several personal requests, the man is ruthless towards the dogs and end up beating black and blue. I helped the dogs in getting the medications for quite sometimes but this has gone out of my control and to mention, the dogs haven’t harmed anybody in my layout. Please help the dogs against that man.
Address: Yadava farms, J.P.Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore-56

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