SBI Card SBI agent sending goons to make threaten calls to family members, need help

Hi, i am using SBI credit card from 2016, was working in amazon when i took the credit card and i have failed to repay my credit card dues from past 2-3 months from Aug 2018 reason cause i have lost my job and i’m currently looking for a new job. After a month of my missed due date few agents kept calling me in different number to my registered mobile number asking me to repay the dues, every time i explained them my situation that i have lost my job, give me some time to repay but no one understood or was ready to understand my concern instead they started harassing me through whatsapp texting me from different numbers and threatening me and abusing me in local language that is kannada in reply i told them please don’t use whatsapp to communicate instead call me to my registered number or email me then i immediately called up the SBI card customer care 08039020202, explained and requested for settlement, then a customer care executive told me that this will not repeat again but again after one month the collection agent kept making calling , on 11th Jan I picked up the call and told the collection agent that i’m looking for settlement and i had a word with the customer care instead he told no i’m your executive and no settlement will be given now, you pay the dues. I told him that i will the contact the customer care and call you back. Then today on 13th Jan I got a message in whatsapp saying that I’m Narasimha from sbi, pay the dues and i didn’t respond to the message because i had already have complaint to sbi regarding whatsapp text but in the afternoon same day around 3:30, a call came to my mom’s phone saying that i’m from amazon employment service, on the annual basis. I want your address for employment verification, then I spoke to that person and told that i’m no longer working at amazon, kindly reject. He still lied to my as amazon employment service agent, then i immediately said that i will complaint amazon regarding this. Then later he told me that i’m from sbi card, this call is regarding payment dues and i asked him why did you lie, then he started abusing me in kannada that you can’t pay the bills you truth should i have to talk. I know little kannada so asked him to talk in english instead he said i don’t english, you talk to me in kannada and he started threatening me saying that i’m going to the police station and raising a complaint saying you have taken money from me and not paying back and i told him that stop threatening me i’m recording your call and then immediately he spoke normally. I again told him that i have requested for settlement waiting for the confirmation, hence you please wait. Then he started asking my address, where are you. i’m coming there with two other people to your Address and will also call and trace your dad and i know where your dad works. I refused to give my address hence i was scared the way he was talking. Today again I called up sbi, regarding this and raised a complaint to customer care on 13th jan regarding this incident and asked for sbi internal collection department number but the executive refused saying i don’t have accesses for that. Then i told the executive that i’m scared here that then collection agent told me that he is coming with two other people to my address and asked him that should i go for police complaint? then customer executive said that i’m raising a complaint against this issue ( complaint number with sbi customer care is ############ and also I have mailed to customer [email protected]
Now i need the sbi internal collection department number to help me regarding this threatening and harrassing call to me as well as my family members. help me call at earliest.
The collection agent who threatened and harassed me on 13th Jan is Narasimha ( his mobile number is 9535192222/9148442838). if this continues then i may have to complaint to banking ombudsman (Rbi).
kindly find the attached screenshots of collection agent who contacted me in whatsapp and I also have call recordings.

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