SBI commercial branch, GS Road, Guwahati Bank employees insulted customer publicly

I will share a very bad experience with the bank employees. I was on the 5th floor for Aadhar registration when I had to respond to a nature’s call. I got in touch with a house keeping guy and asked him for the direction to the bathroom. He directed me to the 3rd floor. Unknowingly I entered the commercial branch and again asked an employee about the direction to the rest room. She directed me to the spot. On the way to the facility I was stopped by an aged employee and was asked about my intentions. I told him that I came for Aadhar registration and have been waiting for long and wanted to use the bathroom. His reply was a hailstorm of screams and abuses towards me. He forced me to take him to the 5th floor and introduce him to the person who gave me this direction. I did so. The house keeping guys defended me saying since I am a customer of the SBI can use its facilities and chased the old man back to his floor. They also asked me to lodge a complaint with the branch man!
ager who took sides of the old man once again screamed at me in front of other customers.
I am totally shocked! If they didn’t want me to use the bathroom, all they needed to do was tell me so and not scream at me in front of other customers. I am feeling very insulted and will make sure that this story doesn’t end here. At the heat of the argument I had taken a video clip of the entire incident which is solid proof of this disgraceful event. The commercial branch insulted me badly publicaly for a reason which wasn’t my fault. I will upload this video online and pursue this matter till I find closure

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