SBI Credit Card New card given in place of replacement

I would like to tell you that a few days back I got a call from SBI credit card department for my existing credit card (simply save) upgrade. Without any annual fee or any charge where they promised me to replace my existing card with an upgraded card with an increased limit.
But the courier boy who came to me with a new card and told me that there is no such procedure in SBI and he can’t take my older card back.
I never used this card and I don’t need it. most surprisingly I am limit of my first card is twice as the new one.
Now when I checked in SBI card App there is a bill of 1800 generated in my name while I haven’t spent single rupee from it.

I am calling SBI customer care from past 1 month but didn’t get resolution.
I am not going to pay any amount for this card and if this issue will bot be fixed within three days I will move to consumer court.

Being the biggest bank in our country it was not acceptable from SBI.

Name :- Himanshu Joshi
contact :- 9719237993

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