SBI Enroll my Loyalty number of IRCTC SBI Platinum Card

Enroll my Loyalty number of IRCTC SBI Platinum Card

Dear Executive,
Please note that myself taken an IRCTC SBI Platinum Card to get the IRCTC & other facilities. I have paid the said Card Annual Charges: Rs. 590/- on 24Jan2019. but when I trying to enroll my Loyalty number: 33333498096at IRCTC site, immediate it is being indicated at screen that " Registration Fee Not Paid" and even my mail ID. & Cell number remain same at the account i.e. SBI Card & IRCTC account. Same was repeatedly informed to Customer care of SBI Card & IRCTC over phone, mail & twitter etc. but no fruitful action has been observed none of them.
May I know that why repeated Public or passenger will have faced such kind of problem and waste their money., then what for the Govt. organization and what is their duty.Â
So, you are requested to take necessary fruitful action to enroll my Loyalty number at IRCTC account at the earliest.
Best regards,

Vinay Sumar Singh

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  1. I am a card holder of IRCTC SBI VISA platinum card. When I go to add the loyalty number into my IRCTC account then it shows that : E_mail ID does not matched with loged users”. I already update the e_mail ID in SBI Credit Card & IRCTC account and both are same. Please suggest me what to do now and also help me to add the loyalty account with IRCTC account.

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