SBI Harassment by SBI personnel

Hello sir,
This is M Venkata Sravani with loan account no. 00000062077621983. This is regard to continuous harassment phone calls from SBI head office, Hyderabad about loan repayment even after my payment was regular since April 2019 by the same person who never reveals his identity. I have never received phone calls before April for such confirmation and my phone no. that has been in bank records is different from my personal number but still keeps calling my personal number. I have confirmed him many a times that my payment was regular and in case if there was any irregularities I used to confirm it with branch manager and pay on date which you can confirm from the corresponding branch manager. The personnel calling from SBI head office never reveals his identity and uses foul language quiet often which is not acceptable to me and I can’t trust some random person calling me and saying that he is calling from SBI headquarters. Being a dignified and reputed doctor, this kind of h!
arassment is unacceptable to me. In case if there is any irregularity in payment I would like to deal with the local branch manager who is updated with my payment details or send a message to my mobile number. Please take necessary action on the officer on duty and stop interrupting my work by these confirmatory phone calls. If action has not been taken against the officer then I would like book a case on the officer on duty.

Dr M Venkata Sravani

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