SBI Simply save Credit card Bill payment issue: misinformation from customer care executive and bill generation despite request for closure and non usage of credit card

I started using SBI simply save credit card around april-may ’18, with information from card provider that it will be renewed with an annual fee of Rs500 only if i am satisfied with the services, which will b confirmed by phone call to me. But i was not happy with the services from the very start, and stopped using the card within a few months.

But after a yr the card was auto-renewed without any confirmation from me, and a bill(annual fee) of Rs500 was sent to me,around May’19.

For this i called to customer care, and explained the situation, after which he assured that all services have been stopped and NO CHARGES(not even Rs500 annual fee) IS TO BE PAID BY ME.

But 1month later i again received a bill(annual + late fee) for which i called again and was assured that the late fee has been reverted, and information regarding reversal of annual fee will b provided by phone call after 1week i.e 25th june’19.

But no information was provided.and again i received a higher bill(annual+late fee+ interest/tax) after 1month i.e July’19, for which i called and was told that the account was never closed, so the bill will keep on coming. And that the late fee has been reverted, but i have to pay Rs 800(annual fee+ interest/tax).

I request you to kindly look into the redressal of the matter.

Its my humble request to close the account without any charges(annual+late fee+taxes/interest) over me, since the situation is rooted due to misinformation and incomplete functioning by customer care executives of SBI Card department.

Grateful to u.

Dr Gaurav Kumar Gupta

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