SBI Unauthorised transaction made by 3rd ( unknown) party without my consent

In reference to the cited subject an unknown third party was allowed by the bank to debit an amount of Rs. 2600.00 from my SBI saving account no. 34900813841 (Branch Sec-10 Panchkula, Haryana) dated 03.05.2018 without taking my prior consent (any means) and sending OTP to my registered mobile number.
The details as per online transaction details as follows:

Txn Date Value Date Description Ref No./ChequeNo.
03-May-18 03-May-18 TO TRANSFERP18431113636ZENLEFIN PVTLTTr For DDR TECH-PROCE Trf to 32708338325
A written complaint has been submitted to SBI branch dated 03.05.2018 but no receiving was given to me only a stamp was put on the complaint letter without mentioning the date and dispatch number. Although they have emailed[email protected] to enquire the transaction details.
Bank is saying I may need to put a legal case on 3rd party but every day if some unkown party keep on doing transactions from my account how would I keep on doing legal cases on these parties. SBI bank should have taken my consent in either form before making transanction from my saving account otherwise frauds will keep doing unauthorised transactions from my account.
In view of above, it is kindlyrequested to help me to get my hard earned money back.
Your support and cooperation in this regard will be highly solicited.
With Regards,
Nitin Kumar

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