Dear Sirs / Madam,

Kindly note that I was using internet banking of BOB since 2010 till 2012 (two years). After that I am not able to use your internet banking since 2013 and for that I have so many times contacted you and filled up forms (04 times) for new users of internet banking, as well as personally went to your MANDVI main branch at Baroda.
While entering my Login – (My login is: spghadge01), I am getting the information – enter the transaction password. Since my password has expired since long time, I am entering as – "FORGOT MY PASSWORD" – then I am getting information as " THE APPLICATION SET UP ERROR". I am getting this kind of message every now and then since last 05 years. I am enclosing herewith soft copy of the message, which I have got online from your bank.
I therefore request you to kindly sort out this problem at the earliest so that I can use your internet banking smoothly.
I am awaiting your favorable and prompt reply in this matter.
If I will not get proper reply from your side, I will be sending you the REMINDER everyday, as this problem is pending since long time. Or, otherwise, please give me a new internet banking facility, if you are not (unable) to solve this problem, any how.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

S.B. A/C. NO. 01930100039458
Vaibhav Laxmi Krupa Building
Kamleshwar’s Mahadev Lane
Koyali Faliya, Fatehpura
BARODA – 390 006
Mobile No. +91 9979117884

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