Shamrock Christian School Unruly, rude, principal authority

My son took admission in shamrock christian school, Ludhiana in the session 2019-2020 in class 11th humanities after successfully completing class 10th from HARVEST INTERNATIONal school, jassowal, Ludhiana. All the important documents along with the mark sheet was duly submitted and we had paid full admission fees. All went well till September 2019.Suddenly the school management started callng us after 4 months stating that the documents were not correct. Sometimes it was related to the transfer certificate, sometimes it was for the mark sheet. I visited the school many times showing all the detailed proofs which stated the truth. But the school management kept asking for a day or two again and again saying that principal mam needs time to check out from CBSE online if they consider my child eligible for 11th or not. I used to be given many excuses on behalf of the principal that I need to wait because they have to check. I was made to wait for hours. I requested them many t!
imes to let me have a talk with principal, as I have the right as a parent, bt every time she refused to meet. Even after multiple visits, umpteen requests to meet the principal, I was rejected and harassed. Now after 20days of immense torture and harassment I was told that they can’t keep my child because CBSE doesn’t permit. On this I requested to kindly give it to me in writing that CBSE is denying or to reimburse the amount which I had deposited in the initial stages. I was refused for evrthng. Then I again requested to meet the principal, and it was denied and I was made to sit for 4hours. Is this how a school principal or the school management should behave with a parent? Aren’t they answerable as to why they are taking out my child? What were they doing when they took the admission? All my money is down in drain. Where do I take my child in the middle of the session and where do I get money from? The principal is harassing me by not talking to me, maki! ng me wait for hours and again not giving me back my money or !
anythng in written proof stating d reason of expelling my child. I want my right as a parent. Kindly help

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