SHCIL Dhanbad office Link failure


I’m facing a lot of difficulty & suffering from a huge loss due to the link failure and many other reasons to work with SHCIL Dhanbad zone. It is very difficult to trade in share market with all these mentioned reasons and I’m suffering a great loss which I could have earned if the delay has not been taken place. This problem has started from the last week of October, 2017 till date. Previously, I used to contact at the head office, Mumbai but unfortunately, that is also not working. I just want to ask who will be responsible and who will bear for all of my losses incurred for F&O and cash market?
If the problem still persists, I’ll close all of accounts and stop working with SHCIL.

Sanjaya Kumar Gupta.
Code- SG214189
Mob. No. 9431144249

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