Need a refund

My email address – pallavi. [email protected]

I have made the following transfers to shine on 03/8/17:

Rs. 3780.00 in20170803_38867_142809
Rs. 5200.00 in20170803_38900_153728
Rs. 6099.00 in20170803_38904_154055
Rs. 10350.00 in20170803_38905_154544
Rs. 10446.00 in20170803_38910_155104
Rs. 11350.00 in20170803_38912_160027

Total rs. 47225/-

I want my money back as shine has made me a fool by sending payment links in piecemeal and never told the lump sum amount instead of asking many times.
You are requested to resolve my problem. I have attached the images for the payments i did.
Please help.

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