snapdeal Lucky Draw Contest and cash prize

I am Ramakant. Yesterday I recieved a letter in which I found a certificate of lucky winner from snapdeal. Certificate prize money is 1 lakh rupees along with scratch and win coupon (after scratch 10 Lakh showing) letter which stated that in order to get benefit of the prize money I will have to use the scratch coupen and call or sms a helpline number. The helpline number was +91 8230036605.
I am 100 percent feel its fake (because in letter they need bank account attached with Aadhar Card) so I have not called or messaged this helpline number. Please help regarding this to fool others.

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  1. “Dear Ramakant,

    Snapdeal never asks for payment at any stage neither we promote such promotional activities and request you to stay away from such calls.

    Team Snapdeal”

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