snapdeal Suspected fraud, lucky draw winner

This is J Ragamayi. I have recieved an acheivement certificate for an online shopping lucky draw contest, on the name of my brother Jalli Roop Kumar, on 01st febraury, 2019, with a reference no K.385 AND A BAR CODE – 1506-AX-33261. It is stated that he won a prize money of â¹ 1,00,000 and a Scratch card coupon worth of â¹ 10,00,000. At the end of the letter, it is given that "this is an internal initiative of the company solely meant for promotional purpose only and all the prize relayed information will only be available on our prize helpline number (08013514061, 08481959636) only and NOT THE COMPANYS CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER. So, please don’t call the Customer Care Number as that is only meant for taking Orders or providing Post Sale Supports."
There are some Redemption Rules given at the end of the letter. Please find the attatch, recieved vouchers and the letter.

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  1. Even I received the same snap deal achievement certificate! Looks suspicious, snapdeal it’s time to verify who’s fooling the people and take necessary actions.

  2. Even I received the exact same letter with a different reference number. Please take action regarding the same.

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