Sobha Carnation CHS Ltd Traffic Management

Our residential society is located at the dead end of Salarpuria road (300 meters), that connects with Kondhwa Road. Mansukhbai Kothari National Schoolis located mid way on this road. There is total vehicular traffic chaos, daily, during school hours. Two wheelers/ Cars/ Buses are parked haphazardly on the road. Further, parents park their two wheelers at the mouth of the school entrance to drop off/ pick up respective children. This leads to traffic jams. Children are seen crossing the road without caution. An accident is waiting to happen. The school management has made no effort to regulate traffic, especially during drop off/ pick up hours. Vehicles from our society experience great difficulty to negotiate 100 meters of the road infront of the school entrance. May I request traffic authorities to bring order to this unruly vehicle parking and pedestrianmovement. Regards,

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