Spice Jet Denied boarding

We are travelling in group of 8 persons for vacation from Delhi to Jaisalmer on 25 the dec. We have confirm ticket however spice jet denied boarding to myself Abhishek Jaiswal pnr no IYNE9D and my wife Ranjana Jaiswal pnr no J66L8C. My children Master Aroosh Jayaswal age 10 years and Master Prayush Jaiswal age 6 years had to travel alone. Till last moment spice jet told that they are trying to accommodate us so rest of 6 persons boarded along with two of my small children. At last moment they said that we will not be able to baord you. Sir it is requested that strict action should be taken again spice jet so no one in future suffers..We are mental stress since our child will be staying without us today night in Jaisalmer. We will also demand all type of mental physical and financal compensation from spice jet for cheating us. How they can deny boarding with confirm ticket. I hope we will be heard and necessary action will be taken from your end.

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