Sree Manthralayam Enterprises May i get mor details

Thru an Mediator(Vijay Kumar, from Coimbatore) I had met Mr.Muthu vel. I meet you, If I Get Your Contact Number and Mobile Number. I am in searching of Funds Rs.40 Crore, to Purchase and Import an Machinery related to Food Processing Industry. My Plant is in Patancheru, Near Hyderabad

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  1. hello. I wanted to know .Is he the same person who meets the clients in poes garden, chennai and wears lot of gold ornaments
    and has a very dark color skin and promises loans at 6% interest rates and asks the client to deposit 6 lac rupees as initial fees. I have been approached by his team for business loan. I am supposed to meet him tomorrow. please inform me on 9988880327.His name is Muttu Vel

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